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Welcome to the Weimer's Website!

Welcome graphic

Thanks for coming to our new website! We needed a place to put all of our photos of our kids! Now our friends and family can quickly link to our site to see what we have been doing!! Eventually, we will be adding other things to our website... I will update you when new pictures "arrive" on our site or you can check back periodically!

Daphne, Chloe and her friend Lilly @ my Bday Party

Mischevious Chloe ...
stepping in Goliath's doggy dish!

Our Happy Little Boy!
6 months old

Knowle Showing off his First Two Teeth!!
6 months old

Kevin and Chloe Coming Home from a Fishing Trip!

Chloe playing in the puddles...

Chloe dressing up in mommy's shorts!

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